‘Your Complete A-Z Program On Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Trading Psychology’ the last course you will take!

If you want to learn how to fly a plane, you cannot do it with books, websites or computer programs. To learn any trade or craft, you must study with a skilled teacher or mentor. Only then will your learning truly take flight.

In this program, we will teach you about the Forex market from start to finish. We’ll lay out how the market works and then teach you how to trade it like a pro through a combination of education, one-on-one assistance, and trade reviews.

Our mentoring and forex trading strategies are of high quality because they work. They work with you, not for you, which means you will be a person who is successful – not a person who owns a successful product.

* The Program Consists of the Following Modules:

  Module 1: Introduction to Forex

  1. What is Forex?
  2. Understanding Forex Charts
  3. Basic Forex Terminologies
  4. Types of Brokers
  5. Order Types, Stop Loss and Take
  6. The Three Types of Analysis
  7. Creating a Demo Account
  8. Navigating Metatrader and placing orders

Module 2: Technical Analysis and Price Action

  1. Introduction to price action
  2. Support and Resistance
  3. Round Numbers
  4. The Information Behind Candlesticks
  5. Understanding Market Structure
  6. Understanding Trends
  7. Understanding Indicators
  8. Stop Loss
  9. How to Properly Use Fibonacci
  10. Supply And Demand
  11. Divergence and How to Trade Them
  12. Trendlines and Channels
  13. Chart Patterns

Module 3: theSignalyst Tricks and Strategies

  1. The Power of Confluence
    a. What is Confluence?
    b. How and Why does Confluence Work in Trading?
    c. How to Trade Confluence
  2. The Power of Multiple Timeframe Analysis
    a. What is Multiple TimeFrame Analysis?
    b. Step By Step Example
    c. How to Filter Losses and Maximize Profit?
  3. Golden Candlesticks
    a. Engulfing Candlestick Pattern
    b. Outliers
  4. Custom Tricks and Strategies
    a. Objective Divergence Strategy MDB
    b. Classic Divergence Tweaked
    c. RichTL Bomb
    d. RichTL 123
    e. Objective Support and Resistance
    f. Objective Supply and Demand Zones
    g. Behind-Enemy-Lines Strategy
    h. Behind-Ally-Lines Strategy
    i. Three-Swings-Down Strategy
  5. Custom Trendlines Tricks and Strategies
    a. Trio (classic)
    b. Trio (tweaked)
    c. How to Treat Trendlines as Zones
    d. How to Draw Trendlines Objectively
    e. Trendline Break Filter
  6. Objective Chart Patterns and How to Trade them
    a. Double/Triple Top
    b. Double/Triple Bottom
    c. Head and Shoulders
    d. Rectangles / Flags
    e. Triangles and Pennants
    f. Wedges
  7. How to Put Everything Together

Module 4: Money and Risk Management

  1. How to Correctly Position Your Stop Losses
  2. How to Calculate your Stop Loss size
  3. How Much to Risk per Trade
  4. The Power of Risk Reward Ratio
  5. TheSignalyst Risk Reward Ratio Tool
  6. Currency Pairs Correlation
  7. How to Manage your Trades
  8. Trade the Obvious

Module 5: Trading Psychology

  1. The Right Approach and Mindset to Trading the Financial Markets
  2. The Name of the Game is Risk Management
  3. Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan
  4. Skills You Need
  5. Skills you Don’t Need
  6. Keep it Simple
  7. Be Patient

PS: This course includes

  • Step by step walkthrough demonstrations of doing analysis on live charts, entering the market, setting stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Email support/advice for any questions you may have regarding the contents.
  • Three months of free subscription to our Community
  • Our custom indicator RichTL


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