# Your Trading Coach

All Strategies Are Good; If Managed Properly!

~ Richard Nasr
Founder & Head Coach

A Proper Management Consists of

Three Trading Blocks


1- Have a Detailed, Well-Defined and Rule-Based Trading PLan
2- Back-test / Forward-test and Consistently Improve your Strategy
3- Have an Edge Over The Market Through Technical Analysis


Risk Management

1- Understand the Law of Averages and Stack the Odds in your Favor
2- Minimize your Risk by Taking Correlation into Consideration
3- Define the Worst-Case Scenario and Protect your Profits


Trading Psychology

1- Eliminate the Emotional Risk of Trading and Accept the Uncertainty
2- Be Flexible and Adapt to the Constantly Changing Market
3- Remain Patient, Objective and Disciplined No Matter What


Why You Might Need

Your Trading Coach

You Don’t Know Where To Begin

You're Overwhelmed by the Amount of Trading Info Available on the Internet. Consequently, you feel Confused and Unable to Plan a Clear Learning Path.

Doubting Your Strategy and Skills

You Don't Have a Clear Trading Strategy, you Often Second-Guess your Rules, or you Don't Know How to Create a Winning Strategy.

Trading Based on Emotions

You can't seem to Focus, Give Back your Gains, Hesitate to Pull the Trigger, Chase Trades, Cut your winners Short and Let your Losing Trades Run...

Let's Have Coffee Together!

Let's work together on your trading plan for you to become the best trader you can possibly be!

Statistics: 80% of successful businesses have received mentorship.
PS: I did!

What To Expect?

I Can Help You

Speed up your learning curve

Focus the Attention on You, so that you Can Learn at Your Own Pace based on your Trading Experience and Make the Most out of your Time.

Receive Objective Feedback

Your Trading Thoughts are Most Likely Subjective. I "tell it like it is," Show you What you're Doing Correctly and Help you Minimize your Trading Mistakes.

Reach Your Trading Goals

Define a Clear Vision, Keep you focused on what you do Best and Share my Tricks & Techniques to Supercharge your Own Trading Style.

Improve your Trading

Develop / Create your Customized Trading Plan and Combine "Risk Reward Ratio" & "Win Rate" to Quantify your Strategy's Edge.

Find What Suits You Best

Emphasize your Strengths & Weaknesses, and Develop a Daily Routine that Fits Your Time, Lifestyle and Expectations.

Understand Trading on a Deeper Level

Learn to Think like a Professional Trader, Take into Consideration What the Big Institutions are doing, and Feel the Market.

Our Plans

Online / Video

Via Skype / Zoom


1 Session / 2 Hours

Online / Video

Via Skype / Zoom


3 Sessions / 6 Hours

Offline / Live

in Person

$to be discussed

4 - 8 Sessions

~ After you’ve Made Your Purchase, you’ll be Able to Choose Your Session's Time and Date.

* Alternative payment methods upon request
* RichTL Premium members get 50% OFF

What Our Students Say

Real Students Real Results

Rich is one of the most genuine and authentic person I have seen in this field. No hype, no boasting of immense profits, no BS or fake claims, no broadcasting of when he read the market right, etc. as opposed to many others in this field. Rich genuinely wants you to be successful so he teaches you all that you need to know to be successful, nothing less.
Valen Lay
Rich’s trading style is extremely intuitive. Rich not only focuses on the science behind his trades but explains everything from risk management to the ideal psychology behind a top trader. In my three years of experience in this market, Rich is certainly the best I have come across.
Ronak Mohanlal
United Kingdom
I have been trying to trade for the past 8 years. I never settled on a methodology or strategy as I felt they were always aimed at those that could sit in front of the screen all day. Rich with the RichTL methodology takes the guesswork away. The training content alone is probably worth twice as much as the cost. The ongoing support from Rich is priceless.
James Kelley
I recently discovered Richard through a trading podcast (Trading Nut Episode 111). After viewing some of his trading videos on YouTube, I knew that I wanted to learn more about his methodology. So far, this community has far exceeded my expectations. The indicators, training materials and weekly analyses are worth much more than what I paid for. Thank you for a great learning experience!
Adolfo Archie Bengzon
United States

About Richard Nasr

Richard Nasr is a full-time Trader, Coach and Founder of RichTL and theSignalyst.

He is a TOP author on TradingView platform with over 57k followers, and has been featured in many magazines like Yahoo!, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.

Richard also serves as Kucoin’s Chief Technical Analyst and has won TradingNutOKX and TradingLive contests.

He has developed RichTL, the first and only indicator of its kind designed to help traders conduct Objective Technical Analysis.

His simple and rule-based approach, dedicated spirit, and proven track record have allowed him to coach over 700 traders from 32 different countries.

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We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours.
If you still have any questions, feel free to Contact Us

: Choosing the proper coach is a critical decision. The right coach doesn’t only assists you in making plans to achieve your goals, but also helps you avoid studying irrelevant material and saves you time! He provides you with sufficient beginning knowledge, aids your trading path, helps you to become an independent trader, and customizes a learning path that is ideal for you depending on your goals, focus, and risk tolerance.

Of course, post the session, you will have access to my personal contact where you may ask questions and keep me updated on your progress; and, and when needed we can schedule a live quick follow-up session.

Each coaching session is two hours long for you to learn all the aspects needed to become a successful and independent trader. It is a one on one session and the recording is only share with you for revision. The session is never shared publicly so don’t be concerned.

Sure, I will only share the appropriate tricks on entry confirmation, risk / trade management, and psychology that will amplify your needs and trading plan.

As we communicate, we will set a defined clear plan based on your goals/objectives throughout your personalized trading journey so that you would learn, practice and progress the correct learned techniques into real examples.

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