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All Strategies Are Good; If Managed Properly!

~ Richard Nasr
Founder & Head Coach

To Launch my new Portfolio Management Service

5 Investors => Free Consultancy

50k+ Capital

Your capital / portfolio is above 50k and you don't mind trading Stocks and/or Crypto



You are patient, open-minded and your primary goal is to achieve a specified investment objective


What To Expect?

I Can Help You

Asset Allocation

Create a diversified portfolio that can help manage risk and enhance returns

Risk Management

Balance risk and return by selecting assets with different risk profiles and adjusting the portfolio's overall risk exposure

Reach Your Trading Goals

Define a Clear Vision, Keep you focused on what you do Best and Share my Tricks & Techniques to Supercharge your Investment Objective

Performance Monitoring

Track how well the investments are doing relative to benchmarks and adjust the portfolio as needed to meet investment objectives.

Market Analysis

Analyze your best assets and create a trading plan including where to buy and sell

Adapt to Market Changes

Adapt the strategies to changing market conditions to optimize returns and manage risk effectively

Are You Eligible?

Online / Video

Via Skype / Zoom


About Richard Nasr

Richard Nasr is a full-time Trader, Coach and Founder of RichTL and theSignalyst.

He is a TOP author on TradingView platform with over 57k followers, and has been featured in many magazines like Yahoo!, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.

Richard also serves as Kucoin’s Chief Technical Analyst and has won TradingNutOKX and TradingLive contests.

He has developed RichTL, the first and only indicator of its kind designed to help traders conduct Objective Technical Analysis.

His simple and rule-based approach, dedicated spirit, and proven track record have allowed him to coach over 700 traders from 32 different countries.

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